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Next meeting Monday, November 9  , 7:00 PM

@ Morehead City Community Parks & Rec. Bldg.

November Featured Beekeeper

Katrina Smith


Last update 11 - 4 -  2015

Latest Additions:


November Agenda

2015 October Meeting Pic's

2015 October Minutes


2015 CCBA Officers

President - Mary Dowdy

Vice President - Tia Douglass

Secretary - Katrina Smith

Treasurer - Gus Dowdy

Director thru Dec 2015 - Russ Lewis

Director thru Dec 2016 - Gerlinde Geier

Director thru Dec 2017 - Mary B. Chisenhall






  Teach and encourage better methods among the beekeepers of the Crystal Coast/Carteret County area, 

to promote cooperation and sharing, to reach a common understanding regarding our problems and their solution,

and to maintain friendly and helpful relations with the NCSBA.


Do such things as will tend to improve conditions relating to honey bees and the beekeeping industry.


Encourage beekeeping as a hobby and/or business enterprise.


We meet on the second Monday of every month at 7 pm, Morehead City Parks & Recreation Bldg. on 16th St. & Fisher St.

Meetings include:  CCBA business, education & instruction applicable to the time of year,

 an instructional video or speaker, and a question-and-answer period.



Created by: Russ Lewis

252 - 808 - 5277